Final Project: Kiss Me


Children always carry their doll with them and often drop it on the floor; it causes bacteria and gems to stick onto their doll. Therefore for this final project I made a kiss me doll that is intended for children who like to carry their doll with them wherever they want. The arms and legs of the doll can be button up around the body to prevent from dropping. This is a shy doll, when the wearer kisses the doll on the mouth, the LEDs on the cheeks will turn on.



  • Lilypad
  • Two red LEDs
  • Conductive thread
  • Force sensor
  • Resistor
  • Batteres


  • Pair of socks
  • Cotton
  • Ribbons
  • Fabrics
  • Buttons
  • Yarn


The first step is to figure out the circuit, I did a force sensor circuit. The harder it pressed the brighter it gets.

Then I started working on the doll, I cut a pair of socks apart and sew it together using a sewing machine then flip the doll over

I stuffed cottons into the doll and stitch it close by hands

Then I started stitching the component of the circuit using normal thread so It stays in place then connect the circuit with conductive thread

After testing out the circuit I stitched different parts on, the cheeks, mouth, eyes, batteries, fur, buttons and etc.

I also decided to make a little skirt for it to cover up the circuit and make it look cuter.

Final piece:


For the circuit, at first I didn’t know how to make it the harder it pressed the brighter it gests but I did solve the problem by changing the codes.

The most challenging part was the making of the doll especially with this kind of material, its stretchy and furry, which is hard to control while sewing. Also the placement of the circuit, because it is hard to see the conductive thread, so I had to be really careful and check if the circuit works more often.

Next steps:

After making this doll, it is really time-consuming sewing it. However, now I have more experiment with the sewing machine I want to develop a series of these doll.


int ledPin1 = 10; //LED connected to digital pin 10
int ledPin2 = 11; //LED connected to digital pin 11
int sensorPin = 2; //Force Sensor connected to analog pin 2
int sensorValue; //Variable to store value coming from the sensor
int LEDbrightness;

void setup()
pinMode (ledPin1, OUTPUT); //sets the ledPin to be output
pinMode (ledPin2, OUTPUT); //sets the ledPin to be output
pinMode (sensorPin, INPUT); //sets the sensorPin to be input

void loop() {//run over and over again

sensorValue = analogRead(A2); //Read data from force sensor

// map light levels to LED brightness

LEDbrightness = map(sensorValue, 532, 0, 255, 0);

analogWrite (ledPin1, LEDbrightness);
analogWrite (ledPin2, LEDbrightness);

//print out the value you read;
Serial. println(sensorValue);
delay (1); //delay in between reads for stability


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