Knit button dress (Final Project)

I used a fine singer knitting machine model 360 with a merino wool and wild silk as well as conductive thread and craft foam. Knit button: two squares of wool knitted with conductive thread and trimmed with wild silk yarn with a piece of craft foam between them with holes cut in it.

For this project I wanted to focus on working with knit to create the sensors/buttons of the circuit. I ended up making about ten different knit buttons till I got the thread in the right spot on the knit so it would connect with the other side through the holes in the craft foam.

I didn’t use the lily pad mostly because I wanted to keep this simple and the focus on the knit buttons. I used a total of 15 LEDs that I stitched onto the slip part of the skirt. I connected half of the LEDs to one knit pad and the other half to another knit pad.


I placed the knit buttons on the hip/waist area where where when dancing, the dance partner would place their hands on the knit buttons and turn on the LEDs.

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