Final Project: The Hush Clip

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Project Title: The Hush Clip


For my final project I had started with a pretty ambitious concept to create a visual translation of your voice on an LED panel that would be attached to your body in some way. As I am very inexperienced with the programming and software needed to accomplish . . . → Read More: Final Project: The Hush Clip

Hussein Chalayan : Fashion, Innovation and Technology

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Below are the links to my Power Point presentation as well as my rough talking notes for the presentation. I also attached some of the images I used in the presentation as well as some additional ones.


PowerPoint presentation :

Hussein Chalayan Powerpoint Presentation

Video Links: (video for Transformer dresses) . . . → Read More: Hussein Chalayan : Fashion, Innovation and Technology

Final Project Proposal : Self Awareness

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For my final project, I want to explore the concept of self perception. All of us at one point or another have wondered whether our own idea of ourselves is similar to how others view us. I want to investigate this comparison. I also want to find a way to quantify these perceptions . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal : Self Awareness

Responsive Wearable : Seeing Red

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This is my third time trying to put up this post (its deleted twice before…SUPER FRUSTRATING), so this will be brief. Prof. Hartman, if you need more in depth descriptions let me know.

My concept was figuring out how to communicate emotional gestures through light and shape. I used a red LED, FSR, . . . → Read More: Responsive Wearable : Seeing Red

12-Hour Circuit : A Wooly Experiment

Photographic Documentation of Both Iterations

Hello All!

For my 12-hour circuit I decided I wanted to work with an accessory that is being used a lot more with the colder weather, wool hats! I found that a lot of these cold weather hats were pretty bland and without much character so I wanted to . . . → Read More: 12-Hour Circuit : A Wooly Experiment

Spinning LED Hats From A Master Milliner And A Techie Fashion Wiz

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Just found this on Fast Company and thought it might interest you 🙂


Imagined Wearable : Einstein Helmet

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Here is my concept for our Imagined Wearable project. I came up with the idea for a helmet that signals when you are going to turn left, right or stop completely. These signals are initiated through voice command to a microphone built into the helmet strap. In addition, the helmet is equipped with . . . → Read More: Imagined Wearable : Einstein Helmet

Hello! My name is…Ashley

Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to be part of such a multidisciplinary group! I’m looking forward to getting a different outlook on design from each of your perspectives!

Going into this course, I’m really a newbie (hopefully like most of you) and just want to learn as much as I possibly can in the Wearables . . . → Read More: Hello! My name is…Ashley