Fantasia is a wearable technology accessory that translates a physical performance into a two dimensional time-based graphic narrative.

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Performance Visualizer

Description An accelerometer (housed on a wrist band) sends XYZ axis data to the computer via Bluetooth Shield. On the computer side, Processing application translates received data to a 2D/possible 3D graphic image.

Intended Use To translate one form of art into another. To be used as a training/monitoring tool to measure the quality of . . . → Read More: Performance Visualizer

RGB Hoodie

Description Controlling RGB values of a tricolour Lilypad LED by means of three coloured zippers.

Intended Use To demonstrate the RGB colour system (could be used as a hip educational tool).


[To date] Have bought all the required parts/items.

[Week of November 19th] Preparing the zippers (sewing conductive thread in between teeth). Experimenting with . . . → Read More: RGB Hoodie
















Lämpötila is an interactive winter hat that monitors the ambient temperature and reflects the analysis of changes in temperature through a series of LEDs accordingly.

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. . . → Read More: Lämpötila

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Space Keeper is a wearable technology that alerts the user every time someone enters her personal space (AKA Space Invaders Spotter!).

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Borzu Talaie is an award-winning designer who has been in the field since 1993. His area of practice ranges from typography and traditional print to new-media, time-based communications and user experience design.

Borzu is the founder and director of Borxu Design, a multi-disciplinary studio where architects, designers, . . . → Read More: borXu




Nutrition labeling became mandatory by Health Canada for all prepackaged foods on December 12, 2007. This means that all food companies have to include nutrition labeling on their prepackaged foods (

The current system is not a very effective one since:

1- It only covers a few categories which in most cases . . . → Read More: NUTRIMETER