Telepathic Cat Vest


Is it possible to associate patterns of movement to cat emotions and desires? How best can this information be displayed? The Telepathic Cat Vest is a combination of two different inspirations, the design of readable low-resolution digital typefaces for LED matrices and the idea of animal wearables. Part of this project is to . . . → Read More: Telepathic Cat Vest

LED Custom Alphabet

Proposal I’m interested in using chainable LED Matrix displays and programming them with custom designed fonts that are animated and triggered through some kind of input, either sound or through an accelerometer/pressure sensor.

The typographic motivation behind this to create an alphabet that works with low-resolution LED displays and is designed to be readable and . . . → Read More: LED Custom Alphabet

Human-Cephalopod Acknowledgement Jacket


The first version of the Jacket used a 3.3 coin cell battery and holder with an accelerometer for sensing forward motion. The original idea was to have an item of clothing that lit up when the wearer was in motion, to alert other people that I was moving from hiding place to hiding . . . → Read More: Human-Cephalopod Acknowledgement Jacket

Grids of Light

Revised Materials report for LED matrices: calliope-LED-matrices

Slides and links for my Maker/Methods/Materials presentation: calliope-materials-wearables


Illustrated Circuits – Not Afraid of the Dark + Hey

For the 12 Hour Circuit assignment, I chose to create characters and have them show some interactivity based on LEDs. I chose the dark-detecting circuit tutorial that is posted on the Evil Mad Scientist as a starting point. This circuit uses a phototransistor paired with another transistor in a Darlington pair, as described in the . . . → Read More: Illustrated Circuits – Not Afraid of the Dark + Hey

SkinScreen Tattoo Technology

Wearable pendant showing customized frame and a rounded rectangular screen.

The SkinScreen lets you update, animate and share your tattoos, with a wearable device, a synthetic skin implant and SkinScreen design software.

Download the instuctions here: skin-screen-instruction















Wearable bracelet . . . → Read More: SkinScreen Tattoo Technology

Hello from Calliope!

My name is Calliope Gazetas and I’m in the second year of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design. I’m pursuing an MDes and am focusing my thesis project on human/animal interactions, with a good dose of post-humanism, feedback loop theories, open source computing and biology.

I previously studied printmaking and photography at UBC, . . . → Read More: Hello from Calliope!