Music gloves


When Kate first launched the project, I tried to deliver a different way to experience music. The first concept was a musical belt, but it was too difficult because there was insufficient surface area to incorporate the module onto the belt. With more brain storming, I decided to move onto the musical glove. I . . . → Read More: Music gloves


Im a big fan of “America’s got talent”. I still remember the first time when team iLuminate performed; I was so amazed from their EL light costumes. There on, I decided to research about the EL technologies on costumes.

Team iLuminate is a dancing crew which imbedded EL light system designed by the . . . → Read More: iLuminate

Lightable Music Belt

My original idea from last week was a moving hat that will change its frequency based on the brightness level. However, I do not find any values of the design therefore I switched my concept to a lightable music belt.


My original idea from last week was a moving hat that will change its . . . → Read More: Lightable Music Belt

light yourself up


During last year’s winter I was hit by a car while walking in the dark. So for this project, I wanted to add LED lights to the back of the wool hat so it can be used as a safety device as well as maintain it’s aesthetic view.


LilyPad LED White x 3 . . . → Read More: light yourself up

Cathy Lai 12 Hour Circuit Necklace

Process: 1) When I began working on this particular assignment, I was simply clueless as I was unfamiliar with electrical circuits. After having all the materials ready, I performed some trial and error with regards to the building of the circuit. 2) I found the most challenging part to be the soldering of the power . . . → Read More: Cathy Lai 12 Hour Circuit Necklace

Hi my name is Cathy Lai

Hi my name is Cathy Lai, I’m a fourth year industrial design student. There are two main reasons why i took this course. Firstly, fashions is something i feel really interested in. Secondly, my thesis topic is women safety, I hope through the learning of wearable technologies , it will allows me to have more . . . → Read More: Hi my name is Cathy Lai

Sole Mate

The purpose of this project is to reduce gravitational weight, allowing people to walk and travel more efficiently even if they were to carry heavy baggage.

How it works:

1. You select the size of your shoe soles and attach it to your shoes.

2. Connect the shoe soles to your smartphone, and through . . . → Read More: Sole Mate