Knit button dress (Final Project)

I used a fine singer knitting machine model 360 with a merino wool and wild silk as well as conductive thread and craft foam.


Knit button: two squares of wool knitted with conductive thread and trimmed with wild silk yarn with a piece of craft foam between them with holes cut in . . . → Read More: Knit button dress (Final Project)

Light up wig

For all five of my classes my final projects need to be something wearable, with the exception of one. Given my interest in costume design and the like I have decided to have a running theme for all my projects. This theme is Myah Hearth. A fictional character of my own creation from one of . . . → Read More: Light up wig

Responsive Wearable (Cat Hood)

For my responsive wearable I was originally going to make a hat that was shaped like a cat… Over the coarse of multiple sketches it ended up becoming a hood.

The general idea behind the piece was that when the wearer is patted on the head (Like patting a cat), the cheeks light up (mimicking . . . → Read More: Responsive Wearable (Cat Hood)

Hello My name is Caroline

Hi I’m Caroline (or Carly) Ratcliff,

I’m a third year Material Arts and Design Fiber student. I love sewing garments and costume making, I came to OCADU to expand on that and learn something outside of simply buying the fabric and sewing something.


LED Scarf

For my wearable piece I came up with a scarf. Originally my plan was to make the scarf out of a synthetic chiffon nuno felted with merino wool. However when I went to felt I decided against this fabric treatment. Instead I found some antiqued synthetic silk that I used along with the chiffon. The . . . → Read More: LED Scarf