Wearable tech – Scarf – Jovana Ivanovic

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post.. I had to make an entirely different project since the one I was working on was taking too much time/funds (HOWEVER, I will pursue it for the final project);Instead of making the scarf like I did/tried last time I decided to purchase this one to avoid the holes . . . → Read More: Wearable tech – Scarf – Jovana Ivanovic

Nitinol – Wearable tech – Jovana Ivanovic

SKORPIONS is a set of unique electronic garments which use the shape-memory alloy (SMA) Nitinol. By integrating Nitinol into textiles, it is possible to achieve shape changing, responsive fabrics create to move and change on the body in slow, organic motions. Unfortunately, the process is quite complicated and expensive, therefore there is a large lack . . . → Read More: Nitinol – Wearable tech – Jovana Ivanovic

Wearable Circuit – Jovana Ivanovic

For the 12 hour circuit project I decided to work on a certain accessory, in particular some form of jewelry. The original prototype involved knitting a hat that would light up in the absence of light using a photo resistor. However I grew frustrated it and decided to attempt something else. I ended up utilizing . . . → Read More: Wearable Circuit – Jovana Ivanovic

Imagined Wearable – Ampliovisionem – Jovana Ivanovic

Jovana Ivanovic

Imagined Wearable – AmplioVisionem <— click here to download file

Technology has been advancing at an alarming rate, from simple calculators and automobiles to supercomputers performing high calculation-intensive tasks and even rovers landing on other planets. The most memorable achievements in technological development are often large advancements and get publicized tremendously, much like . . . → Read More: Imagined Wearable – Ampliovisionem – Jovana Ivanovic