The TTC Shirt


For those of you who don’t have smart phones, are you sick of waiting for the TTC not knowing when the next bus or streetcar will come? If there was a way for other people of letting you know would you be interested? The TTC shirt solves this problem by broadcasting when the next . . . → Read More: The TTC Shirt

The TTC Shirt Proposal

Description and Concept

For my final project I will be making a t-shirt that will display when the next streetcar or bus will arrive. The purpose of this project is to improve the experience of riding the TTC without needing the TTC to intervene. By engaging the DIY community to build these shirts, the final . . . → Read More: The TTC Shirt Proposal

The Heart T-Shirt


I wanted to create a circuit that measures somebody’s heart beat and incorporate it into a wearable technology, that’s when I came up with the Heart T-Shirt. The shirt requires two people, one to wear the shirt with LEDs and the lily pad arduino and the other to wear a special glove that measure . . . → Read More: The Heart T-Shirt

Maker Presentation – Leah Buechley

Maker Presentation on Leah Buechley.

Her website:

Presentation 1

12 Hour Circuit

I started off this project by browsing Active Surplus to look for wearable forms. These included various items such as gloves, hats, masks, arm bands etc:

I decided to go with a MP3 holder arm band since at the time I felt it would be the most flexible in terms where you can where . . . → Read More: 12 Hour Circuit

The Dream Machine

The Dream machine allows you to record or choose a dream

Hello My Name is Robert Tu


My name is Robert, I’m in 4th year Graphic Design although this is really my 6th year at OCAD. I’ve been doing my degree part time for the first four years and finally decided to go full time for the last two. Before this I started off as an electrical engineer and then moved . . . → Read More: Hello My Name is Robert Tu