Wearable Notifications: Process


As I’ve said in my project proposal, we are addicted to notifications. It is not so much about the hardware or applications we are drawn to, but rather because they enable us to be constantly connected to other people. There is this constant desire to feel connected as if it gives us positive feedback . . . → Read More: Wearable Notifications: Process

Health & Fitness Tracking Devices

Presentation File (PDF)

Visible but omnipresent and unobtrusive accelerometer-based fitness and health devices track daily activities of the wearer. Self-tracking devices are gaining popularity because people have an increasing interest in knowing the data of their lives. In other words, knowledge of the self gives power to the user to make the right proactive changes . . . → Read More: Health & Fitness Tracking Devices

Wearable Notifications


Traditionally, all interactions and events associated with the phone is constrained within the device itself. More recently there are external outputs like Bluetooth headsets and speakers that can be controlled with things like AirPlay. But what about notifications? We are constantly checking them, turning on the screen multiple times in an hour to check . . . → Read More: Wearable Notifications

Capacity Indicator


I have a bad habit of bringing a lot of things with me in my bag. Whatever the bag may be — backpack, shoulder bag, cross-body bag — my shoulders always end up really sore at the end of the day. So for this project, I wanted to make a visual self-reminder that indicates . . . → Read More: Capacity Indicator

12-Hour Circuit: Worn Warnings


I really dislike it when someone pats my head as I find it very belittling. I set out to make something that is worn on the head to startle and warn people when they pat my head. I decided to embed this in a beret that I made, with a soft switch . . . → Read More: 12-Hour Circuit: Worn Warnings



Hi all!

Hi everyone, my name is Sally and this is my 5th year at OCAD, pursuing Industrial Design and a minor in Graphic Design. If the DFI: Digital Media minor was available earlier, I would have definitely taken that instead! I’m interested in the experience and relationship people have with objects, systems and services. However, my . . . → Read More: Hi all!