Concept: Safety has always been an issue primarily for women for several reasons. One being media. Hearing about all those cases where women were endangered or victim to some crime, will most likely place women in fear of becoming the next victim. My design aims to enhance women’s sense of security through providing them wih . . . → Read More: ZYPPED

Safety Jacket

Sexual abuse and rape are serious issues that are quite common around the world. Many cases go unreported because the victims feel like the police cannot help them. In fact, in 8% of rape cases, the attacker is unidentified. For my project, I wanted to create a safety jacket for women that not only helps . . . → Read More: Safety Jacket

HAL: Hybrid Assistive Limb

I’ve always been interested in designs for human mobility and enhancing physical capability to improve standards of living. With the aging baby boomers, Canada’s elderly population is predicted to outgrow the population of children for the first time in history. With age, comes decreased mobility and increased health issues. That is why there is a . . . → Read More: HAL: Hybrid Assistive Limb

Tell me, what should I wear today?

Components 4 LilyPad Red XS LED LilyPad Arduino Simple Board LilyPad Temperature Sensor Wire Resistor 1 Lithium Battery Screw (as switch)

Concept As winter approaches and the temperature begins to drop, keeping warm becomes an issue. Many people tend to dress lighter than needed. We tend to step out the door for a minute, think . . . → Read More: Tell me, what should I wear today?

LED Collar

Blouses and embellished collars are a huge fashion trend right now. From metal studs to pearls, embellished collars are used to create a statement and dress up a simple blouse. If so, why not make a collar with tips that light up? That would definitely create a statement.

I started working with the idea . . . → Read More: LED Collar

Meet Dito!

Are you always forgetting your wallet, or your keys at home? Do you find that sometimes you have too many things to carry, but not enough hands (especially on days when the elevator breaks down)? Well, Dito can help.

Dito is a wearable fingertip piece that relies on the action of scanning, storing and . . . → Read More: Meet Dito!

Hi, I’m Shelby Lung!

I’m majoring in Industrial Design and minoring in Jewellery – both areas explore the interaction between the human and the object, whether its something they’re wearing or using. With the speed of technological advancements today, I thought that this course would be quite useful and I’m interested to see how my explorations throughout this course . . . → Read More: Hi, I’m Shelby Lung!