Responsive Stuffed Robot




2 x Arduino UNO

1 x 1.8” tft Shield

1 x MP3 Player Shield

3.5mm jack Speakers

3 x Light sensors

1 x Force sensor

1 x Temperature sensor

1 x SD card


5 x 10k resistors


Soldering Gun and soldering Iron


Hot glue gun

. . . → Read More: Responsive Stuffed Robot

Breathalyzer Microphone tutorial

A very fun project that utilize microphone and Arduino.


My inspiration comes from these

(photo necklaces)

and this:

(tiny screen from the new GoPro camera)


Before, people like to carry pictures of their loved ones around in different forms (necklaces, key chains…). Nowadays with the mass usage of phones, we tend to save the photos in our phones instead. . . . → Read More: [FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL] Essence Capsule

Wisdom sweater

my idea is to create a sweater that would response to Yes/No question. It always took me too long to make a decision while shopping, so this sweater comes it great help to generate a random answer. I want to make it more humanize by adding ~15 different answers in audio responses. To work the . . . → Read More: Wisdom sweater

Wearable Computing Augmented Reality and the Google Glasses


Google Glasses Video:

Project Glass: One Day…

Google collaborated with fashion brand DVF to bring Google map to the runway 2012. A smart way to prove that the glasses are not only “high tech” but also fashionably cool!

DVF [through Glass]

The glasses . . . → Read More: Wearable Computing Augmented Reality and the Google Glasses


Hi!! My name is Linh and I’m in the second year of my MFA degree at OCAD. My undergraduate was in new media where I learnt a bit of everything from graphic design to video and audio production. I’m super excited to be in this interdisciplinary class and looking forwards to to learn a . . . → Read More: Hello

Transformable Headband

My idea is to make some kind of “transformable” wearable, which user can change its parts and functions as wanted. That wearable should be small, simple and easy enough to make, so after a while of thinking I decided to make a headband. I started with drawing a simple diagram and collecting the materials that’s . . . → Read More: Transformable Headband

Social Lenses

Being inspired by everyday communication and the social network (particularly Facebook) I have come up with the idea of “Social Lenses”. When looking at someone at the first glance, we often have an impression of what kind of person they could be based on their physical appearance and attitude (ex. looking at their ring finger . . . → Read More: Social Lenses