My name is Linh and I’m in the second year of my MFA degree at OCAD. My undergraduate was in new media where I learnt a bit of everything from graphic design to video and audio production. I’m super excited to be in this interdisciplinary class and looking forwards to to learn a lot from you guys. So far the projects in our class have really inspired me. For the long run I hope to be able to integrate my thesis idea and some of the class projects together.

Hi my name is Cathy Lai

Hi my name is Cathy Lai, I’m a fourth year industrial design student. There are two main  reasons why i took this course. Firstly, fashions is something i feel really interested in. Secondly, my thesis topic is women safety, I hope through the learning of wearable technologies , it will allows me to have more options on my thesis direction .

Hello My name is Caroline

Hi I’m Caroline (or Carly) Ratcliff,

I’m a third year Material Arts and Design Fiber student. I love sewing garments and costume making, I came to OCADU to expand on that and learn something outside of simply buying the fabric and sewing something.










Borzu Talaie is an award-winning designer who has been in the field since 1993. His area of practice ranges from typography and traditional print to new-media, time-based communications and user experience design.

Borzu is the founder and director of Borxu Design, a multi-disciplinary studio where architects, designers, artists and programmers constantly challenge the fundamental theories of function and aesthetics to deliver distinctive solutions to their collaborative projects.

While continuing his studies at the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, Borzu contributes to the discipline by teaching Interactivity Design courses at the Department of Design, York University.

Hello! My name is…Ashley

Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to be part of such a multidisciplinary group! I’m looking forward to getting a different outlook on design from each of your perspectives!

Going into this course, I’m really a newbie (hopefully like most of you) and just want to learn as much as I possibly can in the Wearables arena. Being in Industrial Design and having a personal interest in wearables already, I hope I can come out at the end of the semester with some work to be proud of.

See you all in class this week!

– Ash

Hello from Calliope!

My name is Calliope Gazetas and I’m in the second year of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design. I’m pursuing an MDes and am focusing my thesis project on human/animal interactions, with a good dose of post-humanism, feedback loop theories, open source computing and biology.

I previously studied printmaking and photography at UBC, then followed that with a Bachelor of Communication Design at Emily Carr University, where I fell in love with type, interaction and print design. I love books, coffee and making all kinds of things as a designer and an artist.

Hi all!

Hi everyone, my name is Sally and this is my 5th year at OCAD, pursuing Industrial Design and a minor in Graphic Design. If the DFI: Digital Media minor was available earlier, I would have definitely taken that instead! I’m interested in the experience and relationship people have with objects, systems and services. However, my experience working as an Interaction designer has led me to become increasingly interested in the interactions people have with digital media. However, my Industrial design background makes me believe that the possibilities are far more engaging and experiential beyond a screen-based medium. That is why I have chosen to explore the field of Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) for my thesis, in which the knowledge I learn from this class can be applied. I’m really excited and I look forward to a great semester.

Hi, I’m Shelby Lung!

I’m majoring in Industrial Design and minoring in Jewellery – both areas explore the interaction between the human and the object, whether its something they’re wearing or using. With the speed of technological advancements today, I thought that this course would be quite useful and I’m interested to see how my explorations throughout this course will play into my designs in both industrial design and jewellery.