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Pauline van Dongen

She researches the body in a technologically textured space.
After graduating from ArtEZ, Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she started her own womenswear label in 2010. Pauline operates a meticulous research of the behaviour of experimental and high-tech materials, combining new technologies with traditional techniques to constantly renovate craftsmanship. Working closely with companies from the field of science and innovation, Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology giving life to scientific creations. 

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Active Wearable

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I was wrapped up for this project due to the timing. I don’t have much experience in this project. And I was not able to working on it with thesis course. I feel I probably will keep experience with this after the course end.

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Article: Design for Intimacy: How Fashion Design Can Address Privacy Issues in Wearable Computing

I think the concern of privacy is really challenge in today’s society. Because with the advance in technology, we are exposing towards the world like never had before. I think thing is always in two head. With technology, our society is more efficient and I have been aware Internet with personal privacy as one thing and it is always people talks about. With my last project narrative, I was thinking towards addressing the idea of privacy in terms of fashion. This article is talking towards the idea of communication in terms of intimacy and private with potential technological solution. In terms of fashion design, I was always towards thinking cloth as a statement of the person. Fashion industry is always working the certain way, which changes styles every season. Cloth isn’t change so much about its basic functionality. I think the idea of incorporate with technology could be look as new ability in its function. The idea of privacy is always an issue toward present life. The case study in article is talking about the communication that created for a couple. This allows me to think garment as an interactive piece with the person who wear it, also with another person. I think the idea of privacy is towards how we look personal information and how we use them with what media.

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Thoughts on Google Glass:

About Privacy:

This is what I had heard most about the privacy concern of google glass. Also, the topic about personal privacy in nowadays has gotten lot of attention. As fourth year graphic design student, I have known for certain people are taking there thesis in the Internet privacy as a issue. I think technology is always moving forward with creating more problems for people to solve. This is a good thing, I think, at least, I think it altered how we preserve information in the digital age. Like Ms. von Furstenberg said that Google Glass was nothing short of revolutionary. “This was the first time that people talked about wearable technology,” she said. “Technology moves on faster and faster, and Google Glass will always be part of history.” I think it is not successful because people (for the public) are not ready for it. But it is necessary in the term of revolutionary in technology. I think there is always needed advanced invention to push society forward. Privacy is always going to be a issue if we are involving with technology that is associated with data, information. This is the problem in our time.


About Aesthetic:

I couldn’t say this is good looking glass on most of us. This might be the reason that it isn’t popular. I think most of people are more towards looking rather than its function when they choose their products. That is also where branding exist, which I think the market are full of same products but with different branding, visuals. Google glass is the first, thus, there is no choice for alternate, but this idea in consumerism is embedding for a long time. When there is a product, the aesthetic of  the products is important elements, especially when it comes to wearable, or put it in a boarder context, fashion. Everyone has their own taste. People chose to wear certain look is a statement of themselves. As I said that I think people are not ready to this, is also because the style. I could expect this thing appear in a futuristic movie. Although this product is not profitable, but I think people should look product design different in associated with consumer marketing. I think it is not right to just think a product is successful or not is entirely depends on the current market. I think it is ambiguous s to think forward. Design with technology will always be a solving problem process. When there is a new thing comes out, it always will led toward other issues.

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This is my first time to get learning wearable design. Thus, I haven’t think about certain things I wanted to design. I am just go with exploring something absurd.


A. I was thinking to create a sensitive wearable that could be notify if I was button my shirt in wrong order. I haven’t planned everything out here. I was wishing to create a circuit that can be notified if the button is in misplacing order.



B. The zipper idea is based on the shirt in sort of same territory. I was thinking about there is a censor to know about when the zipper is close or it is open which can be have some sort of notice created to the people who wear it if they forgot zipper their pants.

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Reading Respond:

Personal, I don’t have experience in designing wearable electronic. But I think everyone is involved with technologies that are designed for wearing. I had one nike Fuel Band with me. I think wearable design is much more difficult than just design a circuit. In article, it talks about human body and how we function. I think this is really important and challenge to think when it comes to design for human body. Because human body is associate with different moving, stretching, or bending. The shape is essential when it comes to design wearable to be flexible. This is involved with material thinking and achievement and arrangement. With limitation on the material found, there are certain limitation in towards design wearable to be extreme convenient and wearable. Like, I found Fuel Band is still a bit bulky with its thickness.


Experience from Chapter 6

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How to Rob A Bank Tutorial- Paul and Elvis

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Wireless Wearable – Tanya & Chris


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