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It flies!

UPenn’s GRASP lab created an autonomous flying copter called the Quadrotor that can build and navigate on its own. They can work in teams and recognize where objects are (including other copters) and can plan out a building. They can fly through moving objects in any direction and seem to be fairly strong/powerful. You can […]

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Experia Play (Playstation Phone) Our group has chosen to analyze the Microsoft Surface as a clever device for project two. The device, as you’ll hear tomorrow, is essentially a multi-touch surface computer set within a table. The Motorola Atrix, as some of you know is a cellphone with the power to act as a computer. […]

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Non-Compliance, Video Games, and Toilets

In medical terms non-compliance refers to a patient’s resistance to follow the recommendations they are give (such as a smoker not quiting, or a morbidly obese patient refusing to change their diet etc). Thomas Geotz argues that the key to addressing non-compliance is not with scare tactics (like the rotting lungs on a cigarette pack) […]

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Proverbial Wallets

We have trouble controlling our consumer impulses, and there’s a gap between our decision and the consequences. This is magnified by the digitization of money. When we pull a product off the shelf, do we know what our bank account balance is, or whether we’re over budget for the month? Our existing senses are inadequate […]

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Clever? Or not so much?

I’ll be covering this in class next week but feel free to take a look and input your opinion in class! Lego and Intel collaborated to mix virtual and real worlds with a 3D gesture control software that recognizes hand gestures and Lego models to create a play world for its user. Clever device, but […]

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With the combination of the physical and the projected, Songfever allows users to scroll through their iTunes music library in an intuitive and interesting manner. Immersible and interactive, technologies such as these lead only to the spawning of more innovation. Although seemingly simple (and perhaps in need of modifications), this device utilizes position tracking, a […]

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Voice-controlled interactive installation

So I thought this was pretty cool. It’s an art installation that invites people to interact with it by using their voices and a microphone to control the noises and movements it creates. I think this could be a cool addition to concerts or large outdoor shows where people’s voices could be visually translated to […]

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CNET Counts Down The Top Five Doomed Technologies

Hopefully nobody has bet their money on the success of any of these technologies. Now this is just one opinion but he has some quality evidence to back it up. Some of the technologies may be surprising to you, some not. 9742-1_53-50099215.html?tag=api

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Google goggles now solves sudoku, taking an interest in ads, clearly entering middle age

There are no surer signs of the apocalyptic onset of middle age than a preoccupation with puzzle-solving and an unhealthy interest in adverts and barcodes. And those just happen to be the three new features Google has added to version 1.3 of its Goggles software. The visual search application for Android is now intelligent enough […]

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You’ll never be off the grid again

SPOT Connect is a device that will soon be available for all, whether or not you want to be located or not.  Available by the end of January for $169.99, the device connects the user’s smartphone to a global satellite network, allowing the user to be reachable and on the grid no matter where they […]

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