Google goggles now solves sudoku, taking an interest in ads, clearly entering middle age

There are no surer signs of the apocalyptic onset of middle age than a preoccupation with puzzle-solving and an unhealthy interest in adverts and barcodes. And those just happen to be the three new features Google has added to version 1.3 of its Goggles software. The visual search application for Android is now intelligent enough to decipher tricky Sudoku puzzles (and thereby suck all the fun out of them), while its algorithms have also been tweaked to make barcode scanning “almost” instant. Popular printed ads will be recognized as well, taking you to a Google search on the relevant topic. US newspapers and magazines from August 2010 are being supported for now, but we can’t imagine the rest of the world should have to wait too long for this added convenience. Video of the new Goggles’ Sudoku skills after the break.

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  1. Frank Suarez-Milan
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    The sophistication of today’s phones (or rather the software engineering behind them) always amazes me.

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