InteraXon: Thought Controlled Computing

Last summer I interned for a few months at a thought controlled computing company called InteraXon.  The way their system works is the user will put on a headset that has electrodes to measure the brainwaves you naturally emit when in a focused or relaxed state (aka your alpha and beta waves).  These readings get converted into digital signals that are fed into a computer and used to control audio and visual devices, furniture, and pretty much anything else that can be controlled via electronic signals.  The user’s fluctuation between being focused or relaxed then controls the program or application.

In the past they have done an installation for the Vancouver Olympics, where users in real time could control the lights on the CN Tower, the Parliament buildings and Niagara Falls using their brainwaves.  They have also done other experiences such as: creating relaxation games for an in-flight entertainment system, levitating a chair, replicated Star Trek The Next Generation’s thought-controlled video game featured in the episode “The Game”, and created a golf game intended to improve the user’s focus before swinging.

Recently, they’ve started to work with other kinds of technology in conjunction with their own.  At CES2011, they debuted a thought controlled iPad application created in partnership with SecretExit and their award winning game ZenBound2.  The videos below showcase this application, as well as a short video from the Premier’s Innovation Awards that showcases the Olympics installation.

Currently they are working in conjunction with artist Alex McLeod to create the world’s first thought-controlled 3D TV experience.

I think this technology is pretty amazing, and even though it’s still in it’s infancy, has the potential to be applied to our everyday use.

To learn more about the company visit:

ZenBound2 Demo:

Premier’s Innovation Awards:

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  1. Maggie Chiu Yee Chan
    Posted January 21, 2011 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    This is so cool because:
    1) I love zen bound!

    2) mind controlled technology is so interesting!
    I saw this video a couple of months ago on

    But I had no idea they had “commercial” products like this already?

  2. Kari Silver
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    Yes! I believe their headset started off in the same way as the one featured in the TED talk, but they’ve been working to make them smaller and more convenient for everyday use. Their goal for awhile has been to try and create one that is as small as a Bluetooth device.

    I don’t think it’s ready yet for everyday users in a commercial setting, but as you can see they’re starting to get it ready!

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