Man discovers glasses-free 3D tech in the blink of an eye<a href="">watch?v=Uef17zOCDb8&feature=player_embedded</a>

Watch the video first!

Now I have yet to find a source that confirms that this is in fact fake but regardless I think it evokes an interesting question: how far is too far? Now most of you must already know by now but the TV industry is getting 3D. James Cameron has said it’s the future and he is probably right (he’s made bucket-loads of cash off it) but there is one major hurdle in 3D’s take over, the stupid glasses. No matter how much you tell your friends they cost, they will never look cool. This has caused a lot of people to decide to wait for a glasses-less 3D experience.

So here is one, and yet it doesn’t really seem like an improvement. If anything its worse… much worse. With the glasses you look like a dork, with this you look insane. Neither really present themselves as attractive options so I think I will stick with viewing things (at home at least) in only two dimensions.

This experiment is definitely clever but it is up to you to decide if you believe it is a device or not. Either way it is still interesting and worth sharing.

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