PALRO robot

PALRO, made by Fujisoft, was originally a Japanese speaking robot that had the ability to hold a conversation and perform simple tasks such as take a photo, access the internet, practice tai chi or sumo, and communicate the weather. It can detect objects in its path, ledges (so it doesn’t fall) and remembers faces/objects in a room. Now, this cute (and modest) robot can speak english and is available for $3600 to educational and research institutions. It also walks, squats, and performs hand/arm gestures while it speaks. It explains that it’s open to adding additional applications (hopefully it will be hack-friendly, so we can see what else it’s capable of). It’s going to be really interesting to see how it will be improved (and how we will be able to use it in a few years)!

(here you can see it walking, although it’s kind of noisy)

I think I prefer the voice in Japanese… so cute! PALRO also has its own Youtube channel if you want to see more.

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