Who says you can’t teach on old dog new tricks?

When studying clever devices it seems very apparent that most of them are digital. This is probably because their digitalization is what makes them inherently clever. But this item here is very much analogue and has taken advantages we have developed in the digital space and translated them back to an analogue format. It is called the Map 2.

Map 2 is a folding paper map of Greater London, with a twist (or rather, with a fold): You can zoom in.

Electronic maps, like those from Google, are better than paper in many ways. You can search, zoom, get directions and carry a whole planet’s worth of cartography in your pocket. However, you still need a battery and an internet connection.

Map 2 incorporates one new feature from its electronic successor: zooming. It unfolds from a little square into a bigger, four-sectioned overview of the city-center. Any of these four quarters can then be folded out using a “patented folding” system to reveal a larger, zoomed version of the plan. It’s as ingenious as it is low-tech, and probably well worth the £8 ($13) asking price.

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