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Electric Motor Bike!

The first electric motor bike but more closely related to a bicycle than a motorcycle.

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Kinect + Wiimote = Close to Reality Gaming

With the combination of the Wiimote and Kinect, Dead Space 2 can now be played pretty much entirely with the motion controls, aside from shooting your gun. If only Sony was smart enough to put an infrared senor in their Eye toy, then this would be an ideal game for the Playstation Move.

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3DS Augmented Reality Cards.

The 3DS was recently released in Japan and has some really interesting technology built into it. Here’s a video showcasing some augmented reality cards in action; very cool stuff~! 😀

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Tiny stuff!

This is a mini computer made to be implanted as a monitor for glaucoma patients (although it has yet to be named). It can be implanted into the eye and covers 1 cubic mm of the surface. This tiny implant includes a pressure sensor, memory, thin-film battery, a solar cell, wireless radio, and a low-power […]

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EmotionSense: A Mood Recorder for Your Mobile

A research team from Cambridge University is working on a mobile app called ‘EmotionSense’, which keeps track of the user’s ongoing, daily emotional state through their device. The app assesses emotional state using the ‘Emotional Prosody Speech and Transcripts Library’, a repository of audio clips representing 14 categories of emotions. Clips of conversations made on the phone are […]

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The good old Optimus Maximus

There haven’t been that many innovations in the realm of keyboards. Yes, there have been the projected keyboards and the weird ones where you have to flick the keys with your fingers, but the QWERTY system has been with us for quite some time and has not yet been shifted. Well, Optimus Maximus, a creation […]

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Art from the eyes

This is pretty cool.  The EyeWriter is the brainchild of the Members of Free Art and Technology (FAT), OpenFrameworks, the Graffiti Research Lab, the Ebeling Group and legendary LA graffiti writer, publisher and activist, TEMPTONE.  Tempt1 was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, leaving him almost completely physically paralyzed, except for this eyes.  This ignited the […]

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Bang Bang

Even guns are getting smarter.  The illegal use of guns is such a large problem that the Fingerprint Gun had to be created.  The gun integrates a user friendly fingerprint identification system with an embedded memory chip to ensure the person using it (or trying to) is its legal owner.  The memory chip is on […]

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Kate Moss’s hologram is actually a ghost

The first time I watched this, I immediately thought of this class. Although it’s just a projection, it’s a pretty awesome one. So there is Kate Moss, just floating on a runway all holographic-like, but turns out it’s not a hologram at all. The technique used to produce this ‘image’ is called Pepper’s Ghost. The […]

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Great use of kickass technologies

Here’s a video produced with the use of Kinect, Processing, Cinema 4d and After Effects. The result is sweet, but I find the choice of software/hardware more interesting. They also posted some project files & scripts!

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