A clever device you could call home, or work, or play

I am quite interested in how clever devices change the way we live in the physical sense, from changing our homes to actually becoming our homes.  I find it interesting that theses devices are no longer limited to the gadgets we play with or the technology we depend on, but the physical spaces we inhabit.

Hospitality Design’s 2010 Radical Innovation in hospitality winner was WATG’s Mosaic pathway.  The Mosaic PATHWAY (Portable Adaptable Temporary Hotel With Alternative You-ses) defines the next era of luxury travel, global aid, and the increasing voluntourism industry by providing a versatile open source hospitality solution that is portable, reusable, and adaptable to multiple environments and locations.  The PATHWAY can be used for new hospitality, vacations, housing, emergency shelter and support structures that are equally functional, beautiful, and simple as they are adaptable to numerous situations in almost any geography.  The features that make these so unique are numerous and include:

1)  These free standing organic and geometric shaped prisms are collapsible and allow for ease in transportation

2) Each one is pre-fitted with built-in fixtures and furnishings, and come with self-contained energy, plumbing and lighting systems and self-leveling foundations

3) Individual prisms are outfitted with all the necessities for temporary shelter including sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom

4) The prisms are based on a modular assembly system constructed from a highly durable, scratch and stain resistant polymer based on 95% recycled materials

5) Prisms can be grouped together around an infrastructure hub to create villages and communities

6) Primary uses include a lobby area, medical space, spa, retail space, daycare, dining area, business center and infrastructure hub

The uses for these devices are endless (natural disasters, science expeditions, the Olympics, cultural events, festivals…)  and just like the smartphone device that gives us the ability to go off the grid yet still be on it, these devices give us the ability to find physical comfort virtually everywhere.

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  1. Maggie (chiu yee)
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Smart devices leads to smart environments!

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