Clever Devices and Social Status

The clever device is meant to enrich our lives, connecting us and letting us interact with our world more efficiently and easily. But when it comes to state-of-the-art clever devices that retail as consumer goods their prices are all but efficient. They’re only available usually to those with more disposable income in middle and upper social classes. We’ve talked about this idea before in class, the idea of affordability of these devices and the fact that only a select few would be able to benefit from them. The majority with less income would continue to deal with older or no technology to improve their lives. The iPad is one device that fits the mold as being clever but also being pricey and the idea of having one can improve your position in society. The context of where one also finds the iPad supports the notion of its exclusivity. For example, The Plaza Hotel in New York City, one of the cities most elite hotels, now has an iPad in every room and suite with a special application and programming to allow the user to efficiently control, communicate and do anything to customize and improve their stay at the hotel. This iPad lets you control your room’s lighting and temperature, talk to the concierge, order room service, organize wake up calls, make restaurant reservations, print boarding passes for flights and much more. It makes staying at a hotel a much more efficient and better organized experience. That is to say if you can afford to stay at the Plaza. Now if only the Holiday Inn could get on board with this, then the average Joe such as my self would be in luck.

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