Very interesting article about a boy who has a very weak immune system who can now to go to school. Instead of sitting in the hospital and missing out on everything, Lyndon can go to school through a robot. They call this telepresence, the boy has the ability to participate in school as the robot can raise its hands, talk and has a screen that produces a live feed of him. Reminds me of the movie Surrogates, in a much less intense fashion. The boy controls the robot through a remote and a screen, like a video game, and does all the basics, attend class, chat with friends, etc. The exception is that he doesn’t get to play. The robot that he controls can even scan assignments and feed it over to Achim in real time. This is some amazing stuff, allowing people who would otherwise miss a big part of life.

Here’s another use of the robot for those too lazy to get out of bed.

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