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Heartbeat Nanogenerators

Hate batteries ? I do, they’re expensive they run out of juice and the more you use them, the worse they get. On top of that they will almost certainly kill the whales. Hopefully nanogenerators will make them obsolete. The article posted below does a better job of explaining them, but basically it’s like a […]

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Now you can “like” what you search.

Now you can add your own seal of approval to your Google search results with the new +1 feature, introduced by the brand today. By voting +1 on a result, users can show their contacts in Gmail, Google Reader, G-chat and eventually Twitter which results they found helpful. Each result will show which of a […]

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How to really control a screen in Times Square

This is kind of a response to Calvin’s post earlier.  But I was reading the newspaper the other day and found an article that talked about how a 27-year-old from Toronto had actually accomplished what the marketers of Limitless tried to do, a week later.  He managed to project images of his honeymoon and a […]

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The Quadrocopter

A robot made by professor Raffaello D’Andrea from the Control of Distributed, Autonomous Systems lab of  at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), it utilizes four propellers in combination to robust motion and positioning tracking. As demonstrated through a series of controlled flight tests (found below), these robots demonstrate how precise their […]

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Brain Game

This is something we are starting to see more and more of, and the technology is being applied to numerous uses and applications, even if they are rather mundane. It seems like something we would see in one of those futuristic movies, except the future is now. Behold the game of Brain Pinball.  Berlin Brain-Computer […]

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Julia Tsao

Don’t even know how I cam across this but I did and its pretty cool.  Julia Tsao is a designer that focuses on user experience.  She is partner and creative director of explorative design consultancy and creative partnership Fair Enough, based in Los Angeles, CA.  On her site there is some pretty cool things, but […]

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Amazing UI idea

Multitouch Microscope. The video speaks for itself

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Google Brings Google Earth to the Human Body

Google brings their global view to the human anatomy in their Google Labs with the new Body Browser. It’s currently in Google Labs and requires a web browser with WebGL support for perusal (Chrome beta, Firefox 4.0b1), though they might wanna change that name before its official launch

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3D Projections

This may be slightly related to our current cube projects, as they both deal with projections of some sort, except this one is on a larger scale. 3D projection utilizes several projectors in union to cast a near identical layer over a surface, in this case, the surface is a building. By altering the image of the layer, they […]

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Just for fun

Sorry, I’m just a little bit obsessed with the Android bot.

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