Anouk Wipprecht: Clever Fashion Designer

Our blog seems to be lacking some fashion flair even though there are some crazy, clever, techy innovations happening within the realm of fashion design. One of such tech-savvy fashionistas is Anouk Wipprecht. She is a Dutch designer who’s responsible for Fergie’s illuminating boots and other technologically awesome clothing designs. The two outfits that impressed me the most were the cocktail (making) dress  and the “bleeding” dresses that allow the creation of original designs based on the inks and patterns they create.

Although, as many other “futuristic” clothing designs, these garments might not be very accessible or practical for everyday use, they do show that as we go forward, technology is becoming more and more a part of pretty much everything. It is very interesting to see that clothes are moving on from being just covers for our bodies to gaining functions that we normally don’t associate with clothes.

More about the designer and her projects:

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