This is the nook e-reader. Like the kobo and kindle, the nook is a device on which you can read books and texts. It is advertised as CNET’s editor’s choice e-reader with stunning full colour touchscreen, enhanced books, magazines, newspapers , etc. You can surf the web and has fun social features.  Their screen is ‘just like paper’, it’s crisp and clear and easy to read. And has an ‘extra-long battery life’.

However, it’s not quite a clever device, is it? Though it has access to the internet, you cannot do much more than surf the internet and read texts …or can you?

We’ve talked about how technologies have been appropriated to user needs. The Nook is sold at around $250, the iPad is priced at around $499. Users have taken advantage of the hardware characteristics of the Nook and turned it into a tablet which operates on Android 3.0. Turning somethign not so smart into a clever device.

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