The Quadrocopter

The Quadcopter

A robot made by professor Raffaello D’Andrea from the Control of Distributed, Autonomous Systems lab of  at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), it utilizes four propellers in combination to robust motion and positioning tracking. As demonstrated through a series of controlled flight tests (found below), these robots demonstrate how precise their flight patterns in relation to their environment could be.

Quadrocopter – Juggling Balls

It’s simply amazing to see these two independent robots being able to so accurately interpret and manipulate their environment and the objects within them.

Quadrocopter – Hoops

In this we see similarly impressive flight as the robot anticipates movement.

Quadrocopter – Music

As you can see, there’s  quite an extent to the impressive maneuvers that these Quadrocopters can perform however, this is only in small scale. The objective, as I would assume, would be the implementation of these technologies into larger life-size helicopters that could operate independent of human input. Scary? Maybe.

Find out more here.

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