VW’s Bulli van concept does iPad integration right, shockingly

VW's Bulli van concept does iPad integration right, shockingly

After seeing many atrocious attempts, it seemed factory iPad¬†integration was something that simply shouldn’t happen. Now, in Volkswagen’s Bulli concept, we’re seeing something that makes sense — something I’ve wanted to see for a while now. The tablet sits in a custom cradle in the center of the dash, extended on a pivoting arm so that it can turn toward driver or passenger. It then provides center stack duties, letting front-seaters manage the climate controls, play some music, and of course get directions. Naturally I’d like to see something a little more platform-neutral if it’s going to be a factory option, but I’m guessing that if indeed this new-age Vanagon ever sees production its interior will look nothing like this anyway. So, no point in getting too worked up about it, then.

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