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Skype Hugging~! :3

I just saw someone on the 6th floor design building hugging their parents through Skype, saying that she was almost all wrapped up with the school year, that she really missed them and that she was going to be coming home soon. There’s nothing else I really wanted to say in this post. I just […]

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Device uses a hacked PS camera to help paralyzed artist draw for the first time in 7 years

This is probably one of the most inspiring things I have seen. ever. This talk is about the graffiti artist named TEMPT. He was a prominent artist in the 80s until he was diagnosed with a condition called ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). The condition is characterized by progressive weakness due to spinal chord degeneration. […]

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Egg-Bot: a CNC machine that writes on spherical objects – perfect for easter!

The Egg-Bot Kit Via So what’s an Eggbot? It’s a machine capable of drawing on spherical or ellipsoidal surfaces. You might say, a pen plotter for spherical coordinates. Or a simple but unusual CNC machine, ripe for hacking. Or an educational robot– and you’d be right on all accounts. The Eggbot has a rigid […]

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Roomba on yo face!

I want it. seriously i cant be bothered sometimes.

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Vodafone’s Very Cool Evolution of Mobile

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take that iphone

Kyocera recently unveiled a kinetic energy powered mobile phone that folds up like the wallet and opens to reveal a wide screen.  Plus, the more you use the phone, the more kinetic energy is turned into an electric charge through an array of tiny generators. 

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Cool Japanese Condiment Cleaner

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Surgical robot builds tiny paper airplane

“Dr. James Porter has done us the service of putting together a video showing him manipulating a da Vinci surgical robot to deftly fold a tiny paper airplane.” This surgical robot normally conducts prostate surgery.

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Skype in the Classroom

Here’s something cool Skype’s working on, it’s creating a platform for professors and teachers to connect with other professors and teachers that use Skype within their classes. That way, the two teachers can collaborate on lesson plans across the world. Around 4,000 teachers around the globe have signed up, check out what they’ve done in […]

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Talk To Me Exhibit @ MOMA

The rather massive, upcoming Talk To Me show at the MOMA is “an exhibit on the communication between people and objects”, and is a wealth of inspiration for anyone designing interactive spaces and devices. The exhibited projects span the areas of art and design, and range from games, to objects, to installations, to large-scale locative […]

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