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Designing Devices by Dan Saffer for FREE!

Yesterday Dan Saffer tweeted, In honor of #IxD12 starting tomorrow and running until the end of the conference my Kindle ebook Designing Devices will be free to download!   This isn’t the required text, but this book will also be great for upcoming projects! You can download the ebook for free here, you will need an Amazon […]

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Puppy-Like Computer Peripherals

An innovative piece of technology, the Celluon evoMouse definitely ushers in a new way to control your computer. Almost like a touchpad or even a Wacom tablet, this piece will surely provide ergonomic relief for those with wrist problems.Ideal for travelers, the Celluon evoMouse simply connects to you computer either by a USB cord or […]

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University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center

The Ford Alumni Center houses the “Interpretive Center”, which is a launching point for alumni, visitors, and prospective students. It features nine towering cascades with interactive screens that display stories, information, and artifacts. They’re connected to a track system, meaning they can work independently or join together as a large display. The Alumni Table is […]

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Virtual Dressing Room

    This technology is called Eyemagnet Motion Detection. It is currently applied in Hallensteins, New Zealand’s biggest clothing retailer. The idea is to use a large display and a camera to allow people to “try” on clothes quickly by utilizing hand gestures to navigate the screen. It is a virtual change room with no […]

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Shadow Touch!

An interesting use of Wii remote, interactivity, and blurring of real/unreal boundaries in gaming situations. Taking the gaming outside the ‘screen’ and into more experiential/environmental areas.

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Swap-O-Matic, Vending Machine Exchanges Goods for Goods.

While reading through recent tech/gadget news, I found this! A vending machine where you don’t pay to get, but you trade to get. The machine is out already in some locations in the US. What makes me wonder is if people usually only trade less for more, then what will be left inside the machine after […]

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Urbanflow: an interactive city concept

This concept developed by Urbanscale & Nordkapp is for an interactive network that links people to the city around them. Accessing this station/screen provides the public with useful information about way finding and navigation around their city in order to aid in avoiding places of high traffic, construction and other obstructions. It as  well has other […]

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3D Holographic projection

I think 3D projections are very interesting. Right now it is primarily used  in the entertainment industry. Think of what this can be used for in the future. One thing I see in the future with this technology is: Have you ever had a person die from you? You are sitting at the funeral wanting to see […]

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Flex-Tech Designs

FLEX-TECH DESIGNS One way that technology can adapt to your needs is by being flexible—literally. These flex-tech designs illustrate how technology has enhanced over the years to give tech consumers maximum adaptability. Not only do these devices offer superior technological functionality but they also ensure that users can physically bend, fold and manipulate them to […]

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The perfect mobile system. Concept Fujitsu Lifebook comes with removable smartphone, tablet, and digital camera

An average tech enthusiast usually has a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and a digital camera; and that’s listing the bare minimum. That’s quite a bit of processing power and storage space spread out among different gadgets. What if it were possible to link all those devices together into one convenient package that uses all that […]

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