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Kinect On Shopping Cart!

  Quote GeekWire Whole Foods plans to test a Kinect-powered shopping cart that will follow you through stores, track what food you put in the cart and talk to you, Geekwire reports. The motorized prototype can remember your shopping list, remove items from it as you place them in the cart and even lets you check […]

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Corning: A Day Made of Glass

Corning is a company that specializes in manufacturing glass and ceramics. They are a very innovative company that has been around for about 160 years and they focus on the connection between technology and glass. Their glass has many new features that can make people think very differently about the current uses of regular glass. […]

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Filling Up An Electric Car Battery Like A Gas Engine

Recently I have read about an interesting idea on a new type of battery, which is filling up the battery like filling up the gas engine. I suppose filling up will mean recharging in a faster rate. The author of the post Filling Up An Electric Car Battery Like Gas Engine  is specifically interested in implementing the battery […]

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Google’s ‘Continuous Gesture’ Patent Application

The idea behind this is to allow people to search instantly without having to fiddle with copy paste on their device or having to type out what they want to search for which often involved committing it to memory first. This G gesture and circling the content, be it text or image, will allow users […]

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LightBeam: Pico Projection + Real World Objects

LightBeam is a project that combines a pico projector and the ability to use physical objects as display surfaces and tangible controls. A webcam tracks and reorients the projection to any physical surface, like a sheet of paper or a texbook. Objects in the detection area can also be used as a means of control. […]

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Technology, our gift and our curse.

This is an old video from 2009 made by Microsoft. It’s a glimpse into our potential future with regards to how technology will be integrated into our daily lives. As this posts title implies I question the significance of this video in that it may take our hopes or intentions for technology to a depressingly dependant […]

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Spare One – The Extra Emergency Cell Phone

A simple cell phone that is designed to last for 15 years if unused and turned off, while working off a basic AA battery.  This is a simple but great addition to any glove box or emergency kit. These will cost about $50.00 making them fairly cheap considering the life span of the product. The […]

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Infographic: Driverless Cars


As I read through this post on the benefits/advantages in the idea of driverless cars, it reminds me of the previous post on the interactive window, and as we discuss on the innovative idea, many question are raised on the safety issue of implementing interactive glasses in cars. This post however, claims driverless cars will […]

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This is really cool for two reasons: First of all this is really similar to the idea that Bowie presented in class with the innovative cube idea (with the drafting table). Secondly, it’s compact and looks really easy to use. IntelliPen is a pen that digitally records whatever you write (on any surface) and stores […]

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Playing with pigs

The Pig Chase is a game. You control a ball of light across the screen on your iPad with your finger, while a flock of pigs manage the same ball of light with their snouts – via an interactive canvas, which is set up in their barn. In cooperation with the pigs – you have to manage the ball of light towards a triangle, and when you hit it, you and the pigs are rewarded with a small explosion of colors. It has been a requirement from […]

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