Flutter (YC W12) brings the power of Kinect gestures to 5 BILLION webcams

(Title of this post copied from Y Combinator blog)



Flutter founders interviewed at TechCrunch (Video)

“Flutter is an app for Mac that lets you control the play function on Spotify or iTunes by simply waving at your computer”

“But the really interesting thing is the company’s long-term vision, which goes well beyond the ability to start and stop a Rihanna song with a wave of your hand. Ultimately, Flutter co-founders Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala tell me, Flutter wants to power the eyes of our devices — in the same way that Siri functions as the iPhone’s ears.”

Flutter homepage (where to download it) https://flutter.io/    (Mac only for now. PC coming.)

Read the full article on Techcrunch

I got it installed of course. The first time using it feeling was MAGIC! It has mistakenly thought I was trying to start/pause music a few times when I was starching my head of something like that. But the magic is so cool that even correcting its mistake is effortless and enjoyable! Since every time it makes mistake my hand is always in position I just open my palm again to correct it. Their long term vision is what’s really exciting. And the strong talents with Y Combinator backing are very promising.

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  1. Dongwhee Cho
    Posted April 3, 2012 at 11:37 am | Permalink

    I just downloaded this app for my mac to try it out, and yes it does feel magical. Pretty helpful gesture app but I wish it could do more than what it already does. This app would be great for the iMac when you’re listening to your music but also for watching movies since it works great from a distance. I encourage everyone to try this just for the fun of it.

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