FT Graphic World


Financial Times use data visualization to better tell the stories with the help of data journalist and information designer David McCandless, author of “Information is Beautiful”.



About (http://ftgraphicworld.ft.com/item/about):

The Financial Times presents Graphic World; an innovative and thought-provoking visual exploration of global business and the world economy.

The US is still the world’s pre-eminent economic superpower – but to stay on top and thrive in the global arena, an in-depth understanding of the global marketplace is critical to the American business community.

A series of three interactive 3D infographics, created in collaboration with acclaimed infographic journalist, David McCandless, and projected in the Vanderbilt Hall in New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

The projections have been made into three short and incisive films that cover business, economic and technological topics demonstrating the global breadth and expertise of the Financial Times.

With 500 journalists based all over the world, the Financial Times provides the best global insight and analysis available – and it’s this expertise that provides the foundation for each story.


Collaboration with a top level data vis artist is not a very sustainable process for everyone. But with easier-to-use tools and automation systems being developed, I see a near future where journalists visualize their stories routinely just like they type text on keyboard today. And instead of writing updates in text, data can be updated automatically constantly almost in real time.

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