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IxDA 2013 in Toronto co-hosted by OCAD!

Time is Feb in order to coincide with Toronto Design Week. I’m pretty sure we’ll see OCADers all over the conference! They want volunteers  

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Bill Buxton questions the OLPC(One Laptop per Child) project

link to the article: the four questions he asked: Will giving computers to kids in the developing world improve their education? Will having a thus better educated youth help bring a society out of poverty? Can that educational improvement be accomplished by giving the computers to the kids, with no special training for teachers? Should […]

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Black Hole could well be the Apple iPhone of 2020

The pace with which technology is progressing in modern era, we can’t even visualize the form and functioning of the gadgets in the days to come. Now we don’t have any other option than to bank on the vision or insight of the designers, giving the glimpse of futuristic technology and gadgets. The Apple Black […]

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Pair – the couple app

Hey Touchat! This is for you guys! Tenthbit inc has created an app very similar to yours, but for the iphone, not the cube. The app lets two people, and only two people stay in contact all through out the day, where ever they are. The app, called “Pair” consolidates all forms of communication on ne […]

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Google unveils “Project Glass” to the world

So it begins… I had posted just yesterday about these google glasses and today it is posted all over the news that the google glasses are going to be tested out in public and soon it will become the first wearable computing project glass in the world! It is not for sale yet of course […]

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Vibrating Tattoo

hmm.. just thought it’s interesting and so I shared it. Imagine you have this, a vibrating tattoo or vibrating teeth. Reminded me someone introduced 3D technology in the class, and I thought it would help the porn industry… I guess this would too.   If you’re one of those people who sometimes misses a call […]

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Search Engine Shades-Google Glasses Put the Web in Front of Your Eyeballs

FUTURISTIC GLASSES Rumor has it that Google is in the process of developing a new product: Google glasses. The product is a pair of electronic glasses that can stream information directly to the eyes of its users. It may sound like an invention for 2040, but these futuristic glasses may just be the next big […]

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Spring Power Forever

One=Two Battery features unique shape to allow two batteries to function as one when their power levels are running down. The reason why one=two battery is a good concept because batteries are harmful to our environment. Do you know that 1 cubic meter of soil can be polluted by only a single D-size battery? Battery contains toxic material, however it seems that it’s been a […]

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Curved Tablet Design is Actually a Flexible Smartphone

Welcome to the Samsung Waview, an intriguing concept created by Li Wei and having at its center flexible LED screen technology. What’s really nice about this oversized smartphone or smaller tablet is that it can also be used as a lampshade when it doesn’t serve as a communication device.   The handset becomes not only […]

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