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Robots and Art

I posted a few weeks back about robots and their role within popular culture. I feel our society views the robot with artificial intelligence as the pinnacle of clever devices. We imagine them as humans only stronger, faster, and more capable of performing tasks that we cannot do alone. These robots tend to even look […]

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Clever Devices and Social Status

The clever device is meant to enrich our lives, connecting us and letting us interact with our world more efficiently and easily. But when it comes to state-of-the-art clever devices that retail as consumer goods their prices are all but efficient. They’re only available usually to those with more disposable income in middle and upper […]

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Our Hopes and Fears: Clever devices in popular culture.

I find that clever devices are perceived in society as being technology so advanced that we do not always know what it is capable of. We are a culture in love with technology but fearful of it, posing questions: Will it become more clever than us and will it destroy us? Positive and negative views […]

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The Mozilla “Seabird” Concept Smartphone: The small phone you’d think was way bigger.

Ever since the release of the iPhone and the popularity of owning a BlackBerry, I feel smartphones have become celebrities in the world of clever devices. We can’t wait to see what a brand will come out with next as the possibilities of our mobile devices seem endless. This is truly the case with the […]

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