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Spring Power Forever

One=Two Battery features unique shape to allow two batteries to function as one when their power levels are running down. The reason why one=two battery is a good concept because batteries are harmful to our environment. Do you know that 1 cubic meter of soil can be polluted by only a single D-size battery? Battery contains toxic material, however it seems that it’s been a […]

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Curved Tablet Design is Actually a Flexible Smartphone

Welcome to the Samsung Waview, an intriguing concept created by Li Wei and having at its center flexible LED screen technology. What’s really nice about this oversized smartphone or smaller tablet is that it can also be used as a lampshade when it doesn’t serve as a communication device.   The handset becomes not only […]

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Mosoro, “Appcessories” for smartphones.

Mosoro creates Bluetooth accessory solutions, also known as “Appcessories”, for smartphones. They design Bluetooth hardware and corresponding smartphone apps in-house, partner with well known consumer brands, bundle the branded hardware and apps together, and take the products to market through their distribution and sales partners.     Mosoro 3D-Sport Mosoro has created a USB thumbdrive sized motion capture […]

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