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How to really control a screen in Times Square

This is kind of a response to Calvin’s post earlier.  But I was reading the newspaper the other day and found an article that talked about how a 27-year-old from Toronto had actually accomplished what the marketers of Limitless tried to do, a week later.  He managed to project images of his honeymoon and a […]

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A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning.

Yet another vision of the future made by Corning Incorporated. They specialize in glass and ceramics, and use this combined with display technologies. This sort of thing still seems pretty unreal to me, even though I have a feeling it’s not too far off from becoming a reality. It makes me wonder though, with hackers […]

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Antenna’s Aura Communicator

I stumbled across this concept while viewing the company antenna‘s website.  Antenna is an object and environment experience design firm created by designers Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger. Pictured above is a concept for a 3G cell phone called the Aura Communicator that combines the functionalities of a cell phone and PDA.  It has Bluetooth […]

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Google Art Project

Google has used their street view technology in an inventive way yet again.  They’ve partnered with different galleries across the world to bring high resolution art to the internet.  On the website users have several options:  they can either go through each gallery and select from a list which piece of art they would like […]

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InteraXon: Thought Controlled Computing

Last summer I interned for a few months at a thought controlled computing company called InteraXon.  The way their system works is the user will put on a headset that has electrodes to measure the brainwaves you naturally emit when in a focused or relaxed state (aka your alpha and beta waves).  These readings get […]

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Tron Legacy skateboard ramp installation

The video above documents the making of an interactive skateboard installation done for the premiere of the film Tron Legacy in Melbourne, Australia.  It was conceived by an interactive design group called ENESS based in Australia. What I find particularly interesting about this installation is it’s blend of visual effects or art, with technology and […]

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