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Pair – the couple app

Hey Touchat! This is for you guys! Tenthbit inc has created an app very similar to yours, but for the iphone, not the cube. The app lets two people, and only two people stay in contact all through out the day, where ever they are. The app, called “Pair” consolidates all forms of communication on ne […]

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PayPal device for mobile payments

PayPal has come out with a new way to help small businesses process payments on the go by creating a small triangular card reading device and an iphone app. Customers can pay with debit and major credit cards by swiping their card through the triangular device which is plugged into the earphone jack of the […]

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Erascan – a digital scanning eraser

The Erascan is an eraser for white boards, but unlike traditional eraser, it has the ability to scan, store and email the data on your white board before you erase it. The device is programmed to be able to recognize hand writing and URLs for smooth translation to the digital form. The eraser simply scans […]

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Lifelike Robot Mannequin in Tokyo

  A department store in Tokyo has introduced a robot mannequin to their displays for this upcoming Valentine’s day, and I use the term mannequin very lightly. This robot looks and acts like a real human. She has been programmed to react to passer-byes interactions with over 60 facial expressions, and will even yawn if […]

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Mercedes-Benz Interactive Windshield

  Okay so now this whole looking for new technologies is becoming a bit addicting… I found this also through the 2012 CES. Mercedes-Benz has developed an interactive windshield prototype that drivers, or front seat passengers can interact with while driving. The screen uses gesture sensors to receive commands from the user. Even though it […]

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Samsung Smart Window

Samsung introduced this “Smart Window” at this year’s Consumer Electronics show, and won the CES innovation award. To put it as simply as possible, it is a smart screen, touch screen, for your window. Instead of having a TV, or laptop in your kitchen for example, you can install this smart window onto your window […]

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