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Now you can “like” what you search.

Now you can add your own seal of approval to your Google search results with the new +1 feature, introduced by the brand today. By voting +1 on a result, users can show their contacts in Gmail, Google Reader, G-chat and eventually Twitter which results they found helpful. Each result will show which of a […]

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Meet Japan’s Earthquake Search-and-Rescue Robots

The combination of vulnerability to earthquakes and a natural affinity for robotics has led to a surplus of Japanese rescue robots. Though the earthquake that struck Japan’s eastern coast earlier today has left the country with massive destruction and hundreds of deaths, modern technology (and Japan’s impressive level of readiness) are helping the country track […]

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EX trike

In what can only be described as over-engineering run amok, this custom-built three-wheeler is powered by two electric screwdrivers and can hurtle one brave soul headfirst down the road at speeds up to 30km/h. The joint connecting the front and rear portions of the frame lets riders steer with “organically floating movement” that leans the […]

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VW’s Bulli van concept does iPad integration right, shockingly

After seeing many atrocious attempts, it seemed factory iPad integration was something that simply shouldn’t happen. Now, in Volkswagen’s Bulli concept, we’re seeing something that makes sense — something I’ve wanted to see for a while now. The tablet sits in a custom cradle in the center of the dash, extended on a pivoting arm so […]

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Augmented Reality Floor Simulates Walking on Snow, Pebbles, and Grass

One less reason to keep spending so much time in nature. What happens when display screen technology gets so cheap you can lay it down like carpeting? Researchers at Canada’s McGill University have an idea: floor tiles which use precisely calibrated vibrations to simulate snow, grass, sand, and myriad other surfaces–and can even be programmed […]

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CNET Counts Down The Top Five Doomed Technologies

Hopefully nobody has bet their money on the success of any of these technologies. Now this is just one opinion but he has some quality evidence to back it up. Some of the technologies may be surprising to you, some not. 9742-1_53-50099215.html?tag=api

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Google goggles now solves sudoku, taking an interest in ads, clearly entering middle age

There are no surer signs of the apocalyptic onset of middle age than a preoccupation with puzzle-solving and an unhealthy interest in adverts and barcodes. And those just happen to be the three new features Google has added to version 1.3 of its Goggles software. The visual search application for Android is now intelligent enough […]

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Who says you can’t teach on old dog new tricks?

When studying clever devices it seems very apparent that most of them are digital. This is probably because their digitalization is what makes them inherently clever. But this item here is very much analogue and has taken advantages we have developed in the digital space and translated them back to an analogue format. It is […]

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Man discovers glasses-free 3D tech in the blink of an eye

Watch the video first! Now I have yet to find a source that confirms that this is in fact fake but regardless I think it evokes an interesting question: how far is too far? Now most of you must already know by now but the TV industry is getting 3D. James Cameron has said it’s […]

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