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Vibrating Tattoo

hmm.. just thought it’s interesting and so I shared it. Imagine you have this, a vibrating tattoo or vibrating teeth. Reminded me someone introduced 3D technology in the class, and I thought it would help the porn industry… I guess this would too.   If you’re one of those people who sometimes misses a call […]

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Kinect On Shopping Cart!

  Quote GeekWire Whole Foods plans to test a Kinect-powered shopping cart that will follow you through stores, track what food you put in the cart and talk to you, Geekwire reports. The motorized prototype can remember your shopping list, remove items from it as you place them in the cart and even lets you check […]

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Filling Up An Electric Car Battery Like A Gas Engine

Recently I have read about an interesting idea on a new type of battery, which is filling up the battery like filling up the gas engine. I suppose filling up will mean recharging in a faster rate. The author of the post Filling Up An Electric Car Battery Like Gas Engine  is specifically interested in implementing the battery […]

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Infographic: Driverless Cars


As I read through this post on the benefits/advantages in the idea of driverless cars, it reminds me of the previous post on the interactive window, and as we discuss on the innovative idea, many question are raised on the safety issue of implementing interactive glasses in cars. This post however, claims driverless cars will […]

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Swap-O-Matic, Vending Machine Exchanges Goods for Goods.

While reading through recent tech/gadget news, I found this! A vending machine where you don’t pay to get, but you trade to get. The machine is out already in some locations in the US. What makes me wonder is if people usually only trade less for more, then what will be left inside the machine after […]

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