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Anouk Wipprecht: Clever Fashion Designer

Our blog seems to be lacking some fashion flair even though there are some crazy, clever, techy innovations happening within the realm of fashion design. One of such tech-savvy fashionistas is Anouk Wipprecht. She is a Dutch designer who’s responsible for Fergie’s illuminating boots and other technologically awesome clothing designs. The two outfits that impressed […]

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The good old Optimus Maximus

There haven’t been that many innovations in the realm of keyboards. Yes, there have been the projected keyboards and the weird ones where you have to flick the keys with your fingers, but the QWERTY system has been with us for quite some time and has not yet been shifted. Well, Optimus Maximus, a creation […]

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Kate Moss’s hologram is actually a ghost

The first time I watched this, I immediately thought of this class. Although it’s just a projection, it’s a pretty awesome one. So there is Kate Moss, just floating on a runway all holographic-like, but turns out it’s not a hologram at all. The technique used to produce this ‘image’ is called Pepper’s Ghost. The […]

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Computer wins Jeopardy!

Yep. It’s happened. Once again a computer has been proven to be smarter than man, but this time around it was on a TV show. What started off as an experiment to see if a computer can beat human contestants on the TV show Jeopardy! has then evolved into an elaborate creation of Watson, the […]

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A Bell-Playing Machine.

I just thought this was really cool. You go on a website and put together a little bell jingle, press play and the song gets played in real time in Providence, RI. If anything, it’s just fun and shows how  interconnected the world is becoming. Here’s the link: (for the sake of this class, […]

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Voice-controlled interactive installation

So I thought this was pretty cool. It’s an art installation that invites people to interact with it by using their voices and a microphone to control the noises and movements it creates. I think this could be a cool addition to concerts or large outdoor shows where people’s voices could be visually translated to […]

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Kinect: Re-appropriated (or in other words ‘hacked’ )

It hasn’t been too long since Microsof Kinect came out but people are already starting to use it in ways that were not originally intended. Instead of doing yoga for points or riding an imaginary car, people are using Kinect in reverse, they are the ones controlling it and telling it what to do. As […]

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Contact lenses that manage more than just eyesight

If originally the invention of contact lenses made things more convenient for those with poor vision, soon these devices will be able to improve the lives of people with other medical conditions. The most recent innovation comes from Seattle’s University of Washington, where Barak Parviz created a prototype of contact lenses that are able to […]

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