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IxDA 2013 in Toronto co-hosted by OCAD!

Time is Feb in order to coincide with Toronto Design Week. I’m pretty sure we’ll see OCADers all over the conference! They want volunteers  

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Bill Buxton questions the OLPC(One Laptop per Child) project

link to the article: the four questions he asked: Will giving computers to kids in the developing world improve their education? Will having a thus better educated youth help bring a society out of poverty? Can that educational improvement be accomplished by giving the computers to the kids, with no special training for teachers? Should […]

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FT Graphic World Financial Times use data visualization to better tell the stories with the help of data journalist and information designer David McCandless, author of “Information is Beautiful”. . . About ( The Financial Times presents Graphic World; an innovative and thought-provoking visual exploration of global business and the world economy. The US is still the world’s pre-eminent […]

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Flutter (YC W12) brings the power of Kinect gestures to 5 BILLION webcams

(Title of this post copied from Y Combinator blog)   Flutter founders interviewed at TechCrunch (Video) “Flutter is an app for Mac that lets you control the play function on Spotify or iTunes by simply waving at your computer” “But the really interesting thing is the company’s long-term vision, which goes well beyond the ability to start and […]

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Pair, the full-feature mobile version of Touchat… copied from the link above: Let’s say you’re in a serious relationship, but you work all the time and you’re long-distance. How do you stay close to the other person? I’ve personally had this situation for the last year and a half. My girlfriend and I use Skype, email, our phones, Facebook, and everything […]

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CORNAR: Looking around Corners with Femtophotography

seems like there’s a lot going on with digital photography recently. i don’t fully understand what they’re saying but definitely interesting. from YouTube info box: Out of (Line of) Sight, But Not Out of View. The Camera Culture group at the Media Lab has created CORNAR: Looking around Corners with Femtophotography. With CORNAR, femtosecond imaging […]

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Snake the Planet – Adopting classic mobile phone game for the urban canvas

Still cool but I was disappointed by the video. When I saw the title I thought it’s every player holds an iPad or even better wears Google Glasses and run or ride a bicycle in the city… although probably a bit dangerous, maybe we should make that happen?

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New Experiences in Search(?)

I think it’s much more like a news feed / following / subscription.

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Björk’s interactive album as an iOS App, Biophilia

Pretty amazing. Given the freedom of multimedia and smart hardware access tools, i think more artists should be doing such rich multi-sensory interactive art works, execute them in collaboration with software engineers, and sell/share them on democratized platforms like the App Store.

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Swallowable Perfume!! It was shared on another class blog. I thought I have to share it here too. It’s high tech, only a different type of tech. It’s not a clever device. But I think it’s amazing enough to break the rules. It’s currently in research stage and sounds like they’re gonna make it happen. Click […]

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