3D Photographs, No Special TVs or Glasses

I think a lot of these look horrible, but some seem to work. This is a cheap way to get 3D effect. It ends up looking very cheap. It probably works on any device.

Images and article here: Gizmodo

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Flutter (YC W12) brings the power of Kinect gestures to 5 BILLION webcams

(Title of this post copied from Y Combinator blog)



Flutter founders interviewed at TechCrunch (Video)

“Flutter is an app for Mac that lets you control the play function on Spotify or iTunes by simply waving at your computer”

“But the really interesting thing is the company’s long-term vision, which goes well beyond the ability to start and stop a Rihanna song with a wave of your hand. Ultimately, Flutter co-founders Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala tell me, Flutter wants to power the eyes of our devices — in the same way that Siri functions as the iPhone’s ears.”

Flutter homepage (where to download it) https://flutter.io/    (Mac only for now. PC coming.)

Read the full article on Techcrunch

I got it installed of course. The first time using it feeling was MAGIC! It has mistakenly thought I was trying to start/pause music a few times when I was starching my head of something like that. But the magic is so cool that even correcting its mistake is effortless and enjoyable! Since every time it makes mistake my hand is always in position I just open my palm again to correct it. Their long term vision is what’s really exciting. And the strong talents with Y Combinator backing are very promising.

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Touchable Holography

The technology we’ve been looking at throughout the course often focuses on the users use of gesture and touch. The video below shows a different approach though. Instead its the technology that looks to ‘touch’ the user, to create a more experiential and connective interaction between technology and user.

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Pair, the full-feature mobile version of Touchat…


copied from the link above:

Let’s say you’re in a serious relationship, but you work all the time and you’re long-distance. How do you stay close to the other person? I’ve personally had this situation for the last year and a half. My girlfriend and I use Skype, email, our phones, Facebook, and everything else we can to stay connected. We’ve even been using Instagram as a two-person social network to share photos about what we’re up to each day.

But now there’s an app to solve this exact problem. It’s called Pair, and it’s packed with the features you see in private social networks like Path, but designed for two people.

The interface starts out deceptively simple. You start by taking a photo of yourself, and then shooting a quick video on your phone (iOS only for now), that you send with the invite to your significant other.

Once they “pair” with you, you’ll be put into the app together. The interface is organized like text messages. You appear on the left, your partner on the right. But you’ll get an impressive range of options for how to stay in touch. There’s simple messaging, videos and photos (complete with the option to touch them up in Camera+). But there’s also a “thinking of you” button, which is a simple notification that’s most similar to Facebook’s classic Poke.

And, there’s a draw feature. So you can scribble all the silly pictures and sweet little ditties that you want.

The Y Combinator-backed company also provides a bunch of other smart and subtle features. A button at the top lets you turn on Facetime with a single swipe. A feature called “thumbkissing” shows your partners thumbprints whenever they’re touching the screen, and both phones will vibrate if your thumbs are on the same place. You can also create shared to-do lists and set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries. A Moments section contains all your shared photos.

The main downsides, at least in the opinion of my girlfriend, are the following: you can’t unselect photos, you can’t create captions, the text from multiple messages gets “mushed together” and makes you “look like a babbling loon.” And that’s not all, in her opinion (at this point I’m just transcribing the rants that she left for me in the app).

“The search feature is nice. But would be way more useful if they enabled photo captions. Who the fuck searches for text blurbs? If I used search, it’d probably be to locate a photo. And if I’m using an app called Pair with one other person, isn’t it implied that I’m thinking of that person? Otherwise, why wouldn’t I be posting my brilliance to Facebook?”

Maybe she needs to start blogging about tech startups or something. And cofounder Oleg Kostour tells me that they’re aware of these issues and working on them. But it doesn’t matter. Because despite all her complaints, this app is way better than our kludged Instagram setup and Skype and everything else. Get used to it, honey!

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CORNAR: Looking around Corners with Femtophotography

seems like there’s a lot going on with digital photography recently. i don’t fully understand what they’re saying but definitely interesting.

from YouTube info box:

Out of (Line of) Sight, But Not Out of View. The Camera Culture group at the Media Lab has created CORNAR: Looking around Corners with Femtophotography. With CORNAR, femtosecond imaging technology provides a way to see things beyond the line of sight–allowing us to see what’s around the corner.

Project Website: http://www.media.mit.edu/~raskar/cornar

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The New Digital Bolex

camera shape photos
camera on tripod

High quality image motion picture cameras used to be affordable for all filmmakers on any budget. This is the first digital cinema camera to shoot RAW at a price anyone can afford.

I believe the 32 fps at 2K would suffice for small taping in most situations. The old school body look from milled steel and hard plastic give it a different feel as a device.

I do not have video recording experience. Anyone know if this is decent for people? If the interface is workable?

Source: The New Digital Bolex

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Portable printer

I say it’s about time someone came up with this idea! I mean we are in the portable era!

This little portable printer is called Stick POP which can print directly on the paper in matter of seconds.

It’s measured 23 cm by 6 cm so its’ easy to fit in your bag and carry it with you anywhere. To have it print something, it just needs to be hooked up to a computer/device via USB and you are set to go. On the actual device there is an OLED screen on the bar display that indicates the printing status. It will save you a lot of time in printing, and the best thing is that wherever you go, as long as you have your laptop with you, your printer is ready to print.

Man I want one of these RIGHT NOW! (Too bad it’s only a concept, not yet developed)

Future technology devices concept - Portable printer 1Future technology devices concept - Portable printer 2Future technology devices concept - Portable printer 3Future technology devices concept - Portable printer 3Future technology devices concept - Portable printer 4

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Wireless Lens Camera Future Photography



While the concept is introduced as a camera that seems fairly clear that the WVIL (Wireless viewfinder interchangeable lens camera) has been designed to integrate an iPhone.

This is essentially a wireless, intelligent purpose. In the demo video below, dress design Artefact to explain a very large sensor is on the back of the lens. Then, the camera is again essentially a small computer such as an iPhone, which offers software interface and communication -similar to an iPhone.

However WVIL interchangeable lens camera, so that all the intelligence in the lens can not be both. Intends to make the Nikon F lens mount can be adapted for assembling, Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds, Leica M mount.

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Close Look at the next Generation of Smartphone

The UFO is a new combination smartphone and projector concept that utilizes a flexible LCD screen and cloud storage to provide a futuristic look at features that might be included in our  mobile phones in the future. Transforming from a simple mobile phone into a media device, and keyboard for communications and work environments.

The UFO smartphone concept is the brain child of designer Jeong Jaewan, and by folding the smartphone into different shapes allows you to use the built in projector for media display and also to use the interactive laser keyboard.

Unfortunately the UFO smartphone is still just a concept at the moment, but does combine a number of working technologies we have featured here on Geeky Gadgets and pushes them that little bit further into the future.

Future technology Concept next generation smartphoneUFO Smartphone Conceptufo-concept-smartphone-projector-outlookUFO Smartphone Conceptufo-concept-smartphone-mobile-projector-and-computerUFO Smartphone Concept Design

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Nike+ Basketball

Nike has always been known to be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to the creativity and innovation that they put into their products to help athletes all over the world perform much better. They did it again by adding some wearable technology into their latest footwear in basketball – the Nike Hyperdunk 2012. Nike+ and the technology behind it was first introduced in 2006 for running and Nike decided to extend that line to Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training this year. The sensors on the Hyperdunk 2012 breaks down the user’s game by measuring the height of the jump and how quick they are during the game, which, according to Nike, provides motivation. All of this information can be seen by connecting the footwear to an interactive mobile app. I know for a fact that their basketball shoes are the best out there right now when it comes to performance  but adding wearable technology into it might look like a gimmick to some. I guess it all depends on how serious you are on improving your game.












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