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Tangenial Learning In Video games.

How can video games help broaden one’s horizons? Watch the video below to find out just how clever video games can be. ;D

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Gaikai Brings Cloud Service To Your Browser, ANY Browser

I never really paid too much attention to the Cloud Service sector of the gaming industry because I thought that paying the money for a gaming experience that suffers from lag issues would never take off. Then I found this and tried Gaikai. Unlike OnLive where you need to download an application, or buy a […]

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Kinect + Wiimote = Close to Reality Gaming

With the combination of the Wiimote and Kinect, Dead Space 2 can now be played pretty much entirely with the motion controls, aside from shooting your gun. If only Sony was smart enough to put an infrared senor in their Eye toy, then this would be an ideal game for the Playstation Move.

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3DS Augmented Reality Cards.

The 3DS was recently released in Japan and has some really interesting technology built into it. Here’s a video showcasing some augmented reality cards in action; very cool stuff~! 😀

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