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Flutter (YC W12) brings the power of Kinect gestures to 5 BILLION webcams

(Title of this post copied from Y Combinator blog)   Flutter founders interviewed at TechCrunch (Video) “Flutter is an app for Mac that lets you control the play function on Spotify or iTunes by simply waving at your computer” “But the really interesting thing is the company’s long-term vision, which goes well beyond the ability to start and […]

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Google’s ‘Continuous Gesture’ Patent Application

The idea behind this is to allow people to search instantly without having to fiddle with copy paste on their device or having to type out what they want to search for which often involved committing it to memory first. This G gesture and circling the content, be it text or image, will allow users […]

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The Boundary Between Physical And Digital

The  ambiguity between the real and the virtual is a recurring theme in this blog and in Interaction Design. This installation is a good example of this relationship. Nervous Structure (Field), created by  Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza, is made up of 144 vertical elastic lines and a projection of another 144 vertical lines. While the […]

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MIT Recompose

The invention of touch screens really gave the flat surface a lot more buttons: tapping, pinching and swiping, but the problem was that the touch screen offered no tactile or even physical feedback. The Recompose by a team at MIT solves this problem through a gestural interface that reacts to the gesture of your hands. […]

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