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Google’s ‘Continuous Gesture’ Patent Application

The idea behind this is to allow people to search instantly without having to fiddle with copy paste on their device or having to type out what they want to search for which often involved committing it to memory first. This G gesture and circling the content, be it text or image, will allow users […]

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Gmail Motion

google’s april fools… hopefully.

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Google Brings Google Earth to the Human Body

Google brings their global view to the human anatomy in their Google Labs with the new Body Browser. It’s currently in Google Labs and requires a web browser with WebGL support for perusal (Chrome beta, Firefox 4.0b1), though they might wanna change that name before its official launch

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Katamari Webacy.

I’m really into videogames, can you tell? Anyway, this post is related to an existing videogame series entitled “Katamari Damacy”. The objective of this game is to simply roll around and collect things to the end of making a giant mass of – well, stuff. If you are unfamiliar with the game, please check out […]

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Add human, to everything? Google Sloppy

Very interesting approach to something we all know and love, the Google search. Google sloppy is the brainchild grad student from Pasadena Art Center College of Design. What it does is add human characteristics to the Google search, by making it lazy. The search engine yawns as you type in your query and makes mistakes […]

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Google goggles now solves sudoku, taking an interest in ads, clearly entering middle age

There are no surer signs of the apocalyptic onset of middle age than a preoccupation with puzzle-solving and an unhealthy interest in adverts and barcodes. And those just happen to be the three new features Google has added to version 1.3 of its Goggles software. The visual search application for Android is now intelligent enough […]

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