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Computer wins Jeopardy!

Yep. It’s happened. Once again a computer has been proven to be smarter than man, but this time around it was on a TV show. What started off as an experiment to see if a computer can beat human contestants on the TV show Jeopardy! has then evolved into an elaborate creation of Watson, the […]

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Our Hopes and Fears: Clever devices in popular culture.

I find that clever devices are perceived in society as being technology so advanced that we do not always know what it is capable of. We are a culture in love with technology but fearful of it, posing questions: Will it become more clever than us and will it destroy us? Positive and negative views […]

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Neurotransmission Interface

When I think of a clever device, I think of a device that uses intuition, a device that doesn’t do what you say, but does what you think, even predicting your next task. In class, I mentioned a company called Cyberdyne, responsible for Hybrid Assistive Limbs (see below) which uses bioelectrical sensory off the surface […]

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