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Björk’s interactive album as an iOS App, Biophilia

Pretty amazing. Given the freedom of multimedia and smart hardware access tools, i think more artists should be doing such rich multi-sensory interactive art works, execute them in collaboration with software engineers, and sell/share them on democratized platforms like the App Store.

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Ipad 2…already?

The next ipad is already out. The first question I thought was: why so early? But apparently the new features, which I thought should have been on the first one for the most part, are enough to convince people to purchase it. More about the features click the link below. http://www.suite101.com/content/new-ipad-2011-features-a325525

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VW’s Bulli van concept does iPad integration right, shockingly

After seeing many atrocious attempts, it seemed factory iPad integration was something that simply shouldn’t happen. Now, in Volkswagen’s Bulli concept, we’re seeing something that makes sense — something I’ve wanted to see for a while now. The tablet sits in a custom cradle in the center of the dash, extended on a pivoting arm so […]

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Clever Devices and Social Status

The clever device is meant to enrich our lives, connecting us and letting us interact with our world more efficiently and easily. But when it comes to state-of-the-art clever devices that retail as consumer goods their prices are all but efficient. They’re only available usually to those with more disposable income in middle and upper […]

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InteraXon: Thought Controlled Computing

Last summer I interned for a few months at a thought controlled computing company called InteraXon.  The way their system works is the user will put on a headset that has electrodes to measure the brainwaves you naturally emit when in a focused or relaxed state (aka your alpha and beta waves).  These readings get […]

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