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Flutter (YC W12) brings the power of Kinect gestures to 5 BILLION webcams

(Title of this post copied from Y Combinator blog)   Flutter founders interviewed at TechCrunch (Video) “Flutter is an app for Mac that lets you control the play function on Spotify or iTunes by simply waving at your computer” “But the really interesting thing is the company’s long-term vision, which goes well beyond the ability to start and […]

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Kinect + Wiimote = Close to Reality Gaming

With the combination of the Wiimote and Kinect, Dead Space 2 can now be played pretty much entirely with the motion controls, aside from shooting your gun. If only Sony was smart enough to put an infrared senor in their Eye toy, then this would be an ideal game for the Playstation Move.

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Great use of kickass technologies

Here’s a video produced with the use of Kinect, Processing, Cinema 4d and After Effects. The result is sweet, but I find the choice of software/hardware more interesting. They also posted some project files & scripts! http://moullinex.tumblr.com/post/3180520798/catalina-music-video

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Kinect: Re-appropriated (or in other words ‘hacked’ )

It hasn’t been too long since Microsof Kinect came out but people are already starting to use it in ways that were not originally intended. Instead of doing yoga for points or riding an imaginary car, people are using Kinect in reverse, they are the ones controlling it and telling it what to do. As […]

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